Produced by brazilian musician and producer Natan Bueno, Psychowave create and perform your music since 2008.

Acid Synthsizers, ethnic elements, classic sounds and new sound-design possibilities merged creating a original, energetic and highly psychedelic. Always designed for a dancefloor experience, his music can be described as Psy/Goa Trance in a general way, but is better described by theyself.

In concept, Psychowave music seeks for balance. Between simplicity and sofistication, musical knowledge and technical depth, classical and modern, body and soul.

Constant work on this bit more than 6 years, put Psychowave on the main festivals and parties lineups over Brazil and also other countries as Russia, Romenia and Italy.

Since now has released 3 Eps (Dance4Mountains-2010, Sunshine Reborn-2011 e Leitmotif-2012) and has appeared at some worldwide compilations. First Studio Album is on the way and should be relased at first half of 2015.